Trust & Estate Services


Beyond thinking about your wealth transfer, it is important to formalize how you want your wealth allocated when the time comes. Your attorney can translate your goals and desires into a legally binding document which can be changed as your circumstances change. However, without this advance planning, wealth transfer to your loved ones can create strife and heartache among family members.



These are the moments when a corporate trustee can manage the details of your estate so you and your family can focus on what matters most.

Trust Company of Illinois offers a full array of services to ensure that your wealth is transferred to the next generation in keeping with your values and wishes. These services include trust administration, guardianship, and estate planning.


Trust Administration

While family members are often named as trustee, they often are unable to carry out the duty for lack of knowledge, experience, and time. The best trustee to help your family during a time of transition is honest, careful, patient, well-organized, has extra time to devote to the role, and is committed to your values.


The Right Trustee. The Right Trust

If you struggle to find a friend or family member with the qualifications to act as trustee, Trust Company of Illinois can serve you in multiple ways: as trustee, co-trustee, agent for the trustee, successor and future trustee, or guardian. We will educate you on the differences to help you make the best choice for you and your family. Our 20+ years of settling estates gives us unique insight into how to help families before, during and after critical life events when wealth needs to be wisely managed for future generations.

When you hire Trust Company of Illinois either as a trustee or co-trustee we will be a step ahead of your next life transition. You and the other beneficiaries reap multiple benefits, including:

  • We thoroughly explain each step of the trust administration process, from transferring assets into the trust to making distributions.
  • We reduce family conflict by distributing wealth in accordance with your wishes.
  • We perform executor duties as a full-time profession thus eliminating potential errors, delay and consequent costs.
  • We provide you access to our network of experts for consulting and the outsourcing of specific tasks, like tax and legal issues.
  • We don't overcharge.


Estate Services

By naming Trust Company of Illinois as executor or co-executor with a family member, we carefully shepherd your estate from the moments immediately following death through the probate process. We take over the estate tasks and responsibilities that weigh down individuals and families wading through an already difficult time of transition. Acting as your executor, Trust Company of Illinois immediately jumps in to help you with an array of details: locating important governing documents, discussing funeral arrangements, determining if probate is necessary, filing the will, notifying beneficiaries, and applying for a federal taxpayer identification number. We then navigate the probate process and, finally, close the estate.

Trust Company of Illinois provides the convenience, transparency and responsibility of a professional fiduciary while working in your family's best interest, so not only your wealth but your legacy is passed on to the next generation.



As financial guardian, Trust Company of Illinois will guard and manage the estates of those who are unprepared or unable to handle their own financial responsibilities: children, disabled adults, or persons with cognitive limitations. Because of the close relationships we form with our clients, we are in a position to truly understand their goals for not only their assets but also for those whom they love.

As guardian, Trust Company of Illinois provides a variety of ongoing services, including determining overall cash flow requirements and living expenses, managing monthly bills, coordinating medical insurance filings and expenditures, preparing tax returns, and investing and managing assets.

We are dedicated to working in the best interest of our clients. We listen to your concerns and advocate for your loved one's needs.

We anticipate the future needs of our clients to ensure a secure future.